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The mission of the E.I. Corps™ is to provide “Sustainable Energy Solutions for Everyone”. 


As an integral part of this mission, we are also striving to significantly reduce the consumption of non-sustainable fuels through dramatic increases in energy efficiency, as well as through user behavioral change.      


Life demands both sustainable energy and energy efficiency.  Ultimately, we are here to help ensure you’ll have highly secure and eco-friendly sources of energy to power your sustainable, energy-efficient future.  


Products and Services:

Our specialty includes Energy Independence™ by way of Energy Independent Design  (or “E.I. Design™”), which we apply to homes, commercial buildings, transportation systems, civil infrastructure, community design, industrial processes, machine design, and even consumer electronics and other equipment. 


As part of our holistic, integrated design process, please note that we also strive to incorporate broader resource-efficiency into every aspect of our products and services. 


At present, the majority of our work is focused on providing building design and analysis services in support of Net Zero Energy homes and buildings, generally in accordance with Passive House™ design principles.   We also provide analysis and design support for zero-emission vehicles, as well as their synergistic interactions with high-performance homes, buildings and communities.  Check back with us often for additional service offerings and important service updates.



How may we help you achieve your goals?

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals for sustainability and energy independence.   You may contact us by email at info@eicorps.com, or by phone at 703-980-1189 (9:00am -6:00pm US Eastern Time).     And, please visit us again soon for additional information and updates on our products and services.  



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